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Saturday, February 20, 3PM EST

Q&A Session for February (click to sign up)

This is a one hour session with a brief update from me and then a Q&A session. I’ve set this up for this coming Saturday, when I can spend as long as you want, so if it needs to go past an hour, that’s OK. Bring your questions! Hope to see you there. There will be a playback version. They’re usually available within an hour or so after the session. You’ll be sent a link and I’ll also provide that link below.

Best to use a gmail account to sign up and this webinar program is best with Chrome (browser).

Questions – either below in the comments area or you can email me: peter@worldcyclesinstitute.com

The February Webinar Playback Video is Below:

Thrive Webinar for February


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  • Darren February 21, 2021, 1:03 am

    Thank you again for the updates. I actually came across your work from a David Dubyne talk whilst investigating the fake human global warming scam and found it fascinating at the time.

    Following on from last night a few thoughts perhaps for a future webinar:

    – If Gold was re-introduced, would it be too deflationary if priced too low (destruction of currency). Would this wipe out all of the pension funds? Jim Rickards is advocating 10K gold to keep them afloat – would this be a possibility at all for NESARA, maybe a debt for cash swap of some sorts….?
    – If the system is partially fixed are we likely to see a boom in the prices of commodities, if a world building boom continues for these finite resource? The US as I understand it has a huge backlog of renew and repair work as well. From a pension perspective limited by the choice of bonds and stock funds would an allocation to commodities make sense to try and maintain some pension wealth?

    • peter February 21, 2021, 12:34 pm

      Hi Darren,
      Deflation doesn’t wipe out funds; it just changes the value. That’s what’s happened in every depression in history. 10K gold is, of course hyperinflationary and nobody wants THAT scenario and it’s virtually impossible. They would have to floor the market with 5 times the amount of debt we have now. Houses would increase 5 times in price, along with every other asset. Money would be virtuall worthless. Since the US Dollar is the reserve currency, that debt would have to be enough to flood not only the US, but the rest of the world — wherever the dollar is used. Oil would become so expensive to be unafordable by anyone.

      IF the dollar is fixed to a specific gold price, it would end the market as we know it today. The DOW was at about $500 in 1974, when Nixon created the current fiat situation. If gold becomes the basis for money, everything will seek that level, so your wealth will be relative to everything and everyone else. IF all houses, drop by 80%, for example, then you’d be in the same position relative to all other houses and the value of money.

      The building boom is a phenomenom of a financial bubble (there a. The same thing happens at the tops of all markets (historically). You can check out the history of the Empire State Building, which was finished at the top of the 1930 market, but didn’t make a profit for another 20 years. I expect many construction companies to go bankrupt (several have already) and for many of these building to lie dormant for many years to come. The book in my recommended book list, “The Secret Life of Real Estate” is an exhaustive exploration of the ups and downs real estate and the economy (the 18.5 year real estate cycle)

  • Darren February 22, 2021, 1:17 am

    Thank you for your wisdom. I will have a good look at the funds we have available in our pensions and consider, with the information you are providing, hopefully a “least worst” diversification for the funds 🙂 I think we need more cash based on the information you are providing.

    We are hoping for some good weather in the South of France this week to get on with the gardening – most people have a vegetable garden in France, probably due to the high taxes! There are quite a few people in the area interested in permaculture which sounds like it will be important moving forward.

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