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Frequency and Healing

Rife “Spooky2” Frequencies list and frequencies for free
Click here. They cover just about every affliction.


Everything in our world is built on frequency. You’re going to learn this more and more. It’s what Med Bed technology is built on. Here are videos that you can listen to with specific purposes. The instructions are below each video.

How What You Exhibit Emotionally Changes the Vibration

Like any other virus, CONVID-19 has a low vibration with a closed structure of the electromagnetic circuit, with a resonance frequency of approximately 5.5 Hz – 14.5 Hz. In the higher ranges it is not active & from the 25.5 Hz and higher ranges, the virus dies.

For a person who lives in high vibrations, that is, in the Soul, it is not more dangerous than acute respiratory infections, because the body of a healthy man “vibrates” in the higher ranges. Only occasionally, for various reasons, it slides in lower vibrations.

The reasons for this can be various disorders in the energy balance — fatigue, emotional exhaustion, hypothermia, chronic diseases, nervous tension, etc. The virus in nature, outside the body, is not resistant.

The total average frequency resonance of the Earth is today 27.4 Hz, and therefore it would be destructive to the virus, but there are places where this frequency is reduced, that is, geopathic zones created naturally or artificially (hospitals, prisons, power lines, subways and public electric vehicles, shopping malls, offices, drinking places, etc —  where vibrations fall below 20 Hz.


 PAIN – 0.1 to 2 Hz

 FEAR – 0.2 to 2.2 Hz

 RESENT – 0.6 to 3.3 Hz

 IRRITATION – from 0.9 to 3.8 Hz

 DISORDER – from 0.6 to 1.9 Hz



 RAGE – 1.4 Hz

 PRIDE – 0.8 Hz

 PRIDE (megalomania) – 3.1 Hz





 GRATITUDE (thanks) – 45 Hz

 GRATITUDE OF HEART – 140 Hz and more


 COMPASSION – 150 Hz and above (but mercy is only 3 Hz)

LOVE (as is often said with the head), that is, when a person understands that love is a good feeling, bright and of great strength, but has not yet learned to love with the heart, the vibration – 50 Hz

THE LOVE that a person feels with his heart towards all people without exception and all living beings – from 150 Hz and more

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE – 205 Hz and more

For millennia, the frequency of our planet has been 7.6 Hz. Physicists call it the Schumann Resonance and it is due to the shock generated by lightning in the space between the earth and the ionosphere, which acts as a waveguide and  resonator. The man was comfortable in these conditions, since the vibration frequency of his energy field had the same parameters — 7.6 – 7.8 Hz.

However, the Schumann frequency has started to increase rapidly. We follow the dynamics:

January 1995 – 7.80 Hz, January 2000 – 9.30 Hz, January 2007 – 9.80 Hz, January 2012 – 11.10 Hz, January 2013 – 13.74 Hz, January 2014 – 14.86 Hz February 2014 –   14.99 Hz;  March 2014 – 15.07 Hz;  April 2014 – 15.15 Hz.

We reached 170 Hz in 2020. ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Although we consider the situation from the scientific point of view, it becomes evident that a person who does not increase his vibrations will soon leave the Earth plane in one way or another, and neither the high social spheres nor the accumulated capital can help.

So we must not be afraid! You can increase the vibrations by working with yourself and stimulating behaviors of conscious Unity and LOVE.


Music to Kill Cancer

Destroy Cancer Cells with Sound, Music To Kill Cancer Cells, Super Healing Frequency Formula Combination of 10000Hz full restore, 528Hz Miracle Healing Tone, DNA Healing and 432Hz Tuning to Natural State of Consciousness, ASMR Magical Wind Chimes with Raining Sounds.

**** Click on the Youtube Channel logo on the bottom right of the video screen to go to the Youtube page for more information.

SAY GOODBYE To Cancer Cells (10000hz 528hz 432Hz Healing Frequency Music

Pineal Gland Flush and Detox Using Frequency

This is a new alternative to using boron capsules or borax in water to decalcify your pineal gland.



Sleeping Soundly


Contains Isochronic Tones With Sub-liminal Affirmations

Listen For 30 Minutes, Half An Hour To One Hour Before Going To Bed

May Cause Drowsiness So Therefore Please Do Not Drive- A Motor Vehicle During Or After Listening To This Audio Recording

A Just Listen Video Sub-liminal To Assist You In Getting Rested Sleep Now.

Using Frequency to Heal

There are cures that have been hidden from us for all kind of diseases. Cancer is the important one.

SAY GOODBYE To Cancer Cells (10000hz 528hz 432Hz Healing Frequency Music

Here are some of the comments from people who’ve used this music to cure their cancer. I can’t, of course, verify this information, but these testimonials are similar to many others I see involving the use of frequencies to heal. (you’ll find these and others on the Youtube page where this video resides)

  • Diagnosed with a mass on my left lung, I listened faithfully for 26 nights waiting on my PET scan appointment. No mass or cancer was found, it was gone.
  • My dog had a horrible cancerous growth on his lip and is too old/fragile for surgery. I believe in vibrational healing and played this for him night and day. Two months later the growth has just about disappeared and he shows no signs of pain or illness. Blessings to all!
  • To anyone asking if it worked , I can’t find my post – BUT the tumour literally fell off and it hasn’t come back.. slight scar and no further visits to the dr ?
  • Fathers skin cancer moles are almost gone, i put the video everyday while im watching other videos. He didnt even know it, hes wondering why he can barely feel or see the moles anymore, thank you very much!!!

It’s a fact that vibration and sound wave frequency kills cancer cells so turn it up loud and get close to speakers and meditate and let the positive energy flow through your body , mind and soul.

Note also that cancer can not live in an alkaline environment, so the process of using boron on a regular basis is also healing method from protecting against cancer. You can find the information on Borax (boron) on the Health page — using it to counter what fluoride has done to your pineal gland.


Become A Healer 💚 Activate Natural Healing Forces Heal Everything

By Activating Natural Healing Forces Pure Healing Energy It Is Possible To Self Repair And Heals Everything Inside And Outside Of You.

By Using This Unique Exclusive State Of The Art Professional Subliminal Program With Powerful InAudible Spoken Messages You Can Now Stay Well Self Repair While Doing Energy Healing And Transformation Work Which Is Of Importance.

Healing Used In This Video Is Healing Touch, Your Mind, Your Smile And Voice As A Healing Presence And Your Feet To Heal Gaia Mother Earth. As You Listen, This Program Assists With Healing And Transforming All Time And Space, Galaxies, Dimensions, Portals, Black And Worm Holes.

Enhances Current Healing Abilities Opens New Insights And Abilities Healing Is Now Multi-Verse Beyond Planetary Your Presence Becomes A Healing Light For The Good Of All.

Listening Instructions: One Or More Sessions Day Or Night For 21-49 Days. Safe For Continuous Loop Headphones Are Optional Does Not Contain Sound Frequencies Or Binaural- Isochronic Tones DrVirtual7 audios are some of the most listened to in the matrix In the areas of spiritual awareness, self-empowerment, and personal development.

Queen Romana Didulo:  ~Water has memory ~

While you are playing the – “be a natural healer” frequency video, take one litter or one galon of drinking water and set next to your phone or laptop, etc…  Play the video on a Loop overnight or whole day.  The Water will absorb the frequency from the sound. Then, drink that water whenever you feel thirsty…

Healing Morgellons, Lyme Disease Sine Wave

Healing MorgellonS LymE Disease Sine Wave

This contains numerous individual healing sine wave frequencies.

  • Blood plasma cleaner
  • Bacillus_subtilis
  • Epstein_Barr_HC
  • Candida Albicans
  • Candida_tertiary
  • Parasites_flukes
  • Parasites_ascaris
  • Parasites_gyrodactylus_HC Threadworms
  • Fistula_dentalis
  • Chemtrail_detox, Mycoplasma_general
  • Mycosis fungus
  • Mycoplasma_pneumonia
  • Respiratory_syncytial_virus_HC Heart_tonic
  • Nanobacteria_2, Nanobacteria_3
  • Human_T_lymphocyte
  • T-lymph_virus_TR
  • Stiff_muscles
  • Babesia Ehrlichia
  • Borrelia Lyme
  • Tertiary Borrelia
  • Garinii Lyme Borrelia
  • Spirochete Inhabited
  • Borrelia_burgdorferi
  • Lyme_hatchlings_eggs
  • Lyme_v
  • Lyme 1 Lyme 2 Lyme 3 Lyme 4 Lyme 5
  • Lichen_sclerosus
  • Rocky_Mtn_Spotted_Fever
  • Deer_tick_1
  • Morgellons_disease_TR
  • Morgellons Myiasis
  • Morgellons Ruko Tick
  • Morgellons Plastics Detox
  • Morgellons Nancy DB
  • Morgellons Int and Ext Parasites
  • Morgellons Expeller
  • Morgellons Collembola
  • Morgellons Chronic Lesions and Fibres
  • Bartonella_henslae

Listen up to two times every day or night drink an extra glass of purified water after listening. Headphones are optional. Run at about 30 -50% volume.

Terminate A.I. Nano Bots


Smart Dust And Morgellons Explained https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyUjX… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j88Bc…

With Headphones Or Ear Buds: Volume Level 15% – 60%
Without Headphones: Volume Level 3% – 12 %

Uploading The Human Brain Into The Quantum Beast Computer

NanoBots Can Carefully Scan The Structure Of Our Brain And Body Form Providing A Complete Read Out Of The Connection. This Information When Entered Into A Computer Could Then Continue To Function As Us. Thus The Data Stored In The Entire Brain Will Be Uploaded To The Beast Computer first Skynet To A.I Then Downloaded Into Your Brain As You But Not You.

The Nanites Or Nano Components That Are Being Included Inside Of The Chemtrails And Chem Dumps Being Sprayed Upon The Human Populations Of the World, In Lotions, Food And Drink Are Tiny Microscopic Components Which Once Reconstructed Inside Of The Human Body Are Programmable And Can Be Activated By Scalar Frequency Waves And Or Remote Control And Other Types Of Frequency Wave Activations.

They Can Mutate It Can Be A While Before The Human Realizes There Is Something Seriously Wrong Like Blurred Vision, Rapid Tooth Decay, Hair Loss, Digestive Issues, Brain Cancer, Severe Itching Crawling Sensation Everywhere Inside Sores That Don’t Seem To Want To Heal Loss Of Energy And Stamina Feelings Of Dis-Connect, Immune System Disorders, This Can Be Referred To Components Of Electronic Torture Invasion Of privacy Agenda 21 & 30 Etc.

As We Breath Them In, They Make Their Way Into Our Bodies Own Plasma Where They Can Function Since All A.I Related Technology Needs Both Electricity And Electro-Magnetic Conductance To Operate Properly.

Nanites Are In The Soil Food Production Water Air On The Ground You Walk On Known As Programmable Black Smart Dust And Black Goo An Overload Of Fungai Black Mold Insects Via Sorcery.

It’s a Good Idea While Listening To This Program Drink Plenty Of Purified Water A Detox Of The Body Either Using Special Blended Herbs, Teas, Blood Purifiers, Bio-Resonance Devices And Get Extra Rest Start By Re-Building The Immune System ASAP.

Listening Instructions: 20-40 Minutes every day For 7 Days, Then Off For 2 Days Then Repeats Again For 7 Days Follow This Protocol As Needed. Hot Flashes, Nausea, Innate Tiredness May Occur While Listening This Is Normal As The Nano Bots Explode You May Get Cooled Of Afterwards By Fan Or Air Condition Then Take Shower Or Bath Get Extra Rest Flush With Drinking Extra Water Or One Teaspoon Of Apple Cider Vinegar To 36 Ounce Glass Of Water As Needed Change Bed Linen Daily While Listening.

Other Protocols: Take 4-5 Drops of Oil of Oregano To Five Ounces Of Water Then Stir And Drink 1X Day Or Night.

A Subscriber Reported Back That After Two Days Of Listening She Excreted Numerous Black Nanites Through The Skin During The Night As She Slept She Also Experienced Hot Flashes This Is Normal During The Termination Process Of Smart Dust.

Produced With Isochronic Tones In Part But Not Entirely Additional Tones May Include: Frequency Color Violet

DrVirtual7 audios are some of the most listened to in the matrix In the areas of spiritual awareness.

Age of Aquarius New Earth 5th Dimension

Age Of Aquarius New Earth 5th Dimension ✨💎✨💎✨💎✨


Age Of Aquarius New Earth 5th Dimension

  • Age Of Aquarius @ Zero Degrees.
  • Subliminal affirmation induction.
  • Conscious Subconscious Superconscious.
  • Ambient atmospheric background music.
  • Resonate orgone frequency.
  • Orgone neutron accumulator.
  • Non-Dualistic.
  • Turn Negative energies to Positive.
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