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Thrive — Med Beds

There’s a lot more to come here. These constitute our new medical system worldwide. They should start to appear in good numbers this fall, along with 6,000 cures for many diseases — all kept from us for decades.

Jared Rand and Mark Z

Start in about 6 minutes. This goes through a lot of questions you may have from the guy that knows the most of anyone on our planet, I think … Jared Rand. It’s really an energizing video (about 1 hour, 40 mins).

Med beds with Jared Rand and MarkZ

Holographic Medical Pods

Here’s shortish video that gives a very good overview of the power of Med Beds. These will change lives all over the world. Apparently, they will be free to use.

Holographic Medical Pods & Secret Space Programs (Voiced Over)

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