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Thrive — Newsletter for February

February Newsletter

Posted Feb 11, 2021

This Month’s Topic Links (new articles and videos)

These topic areas are “catch-all” links that get added to each month. I gradually add elements from the newsletter, for example, so that you can find articles an info by topic, rather than having to search through past newsletters.

The Stock Market — a video update of the current topping process. You’ll also find a separate video on the long-term prediction of the US Dollar Index.

Gold — a video update of gold, silver, DXY (the US dollar) and bitcoin.

NESARA — an overview of NESARA GESARA (debt jubilee and more) along with a more ind-depth PDF file). I’m working on a write-up for the next newsletter with a options for what might happen going forward. I think the transition to the new system is still a ways off, but may be within the next year, perhaps in stages.

Fall of the Cabal — A MUST WATCH! This is the 2.5 hour video in full that tells the story of what we’re going through right now. This is a biblical fight between good and evil and will result in our freedom once the cabal is eradicated. There are also links to the new series, “Fall of the Cabal – The Sequel”

Alt. Media: Some updates here along with links to important people within the Telegram app, if you want to stay up-to-date yourself.

COVID Truth: You’ll find the well-received talk by Dr. Simone Gold (that’s being taken down everywhere on Youtube) and a very recent clip of a nurse who just “contracted” the vaccine. There have been a lot of deaths from this vaccine, the bulk of them not reported in the main stream media.

The Fog of War — Nothing is Real

If you’ve watched Fall of the Cabal, you have a good awareness of the extraordinary battle going on between good and evil right now.

I’ve alluded to this struggle through my writing here over the past five years. I’ve written about the 300 years of lies (this is on the worldcyclesinstitute. site). If you’ve been around as long as I have, you know that governments almost NEVER tell the truth.

This entire process of writing about cycles has been a journey of discovery for me, to see just how accurate the writings of the luminaries I follow have been. Cycles are real and I suspect more and more people will come to believe in them as this life-changing period plays out over the next decade. But, I had no idea as to the depth of the evil this particular cycle top would reveal.

I’ve written about the top of the Roman Empire and coming of Jesus just as the climate turned turned cold and dry. Mohammad founded the Islamic religion at a similar point at the top of the Byzantine Empire, in about 632. These patterns repeat at major cycles tops.

Half-cycle turning points (a full cycle is 1030 years, a half-cycle is 515 years), are also dramatic in the change they bring about. But, the 1030 year cycle turn we’re going through now is the king of drama and change. New inventions come about as the truth comes out. The empire in power at the time collapses. A new financial system is born (like our current debt-based system that benefits ONLY the Illuminati, begun with the founding of the Bank of England in 1696, backed by the Rothschilds).

In Fall of the Cabal, you’ll learn that there are discoveries that have been hidden from us in a world of financial slavery that has gone on for hundreds of years, back almost to the top of the Roman Empire. We’re about the find out about free energy (Nikolai Tesla) and Med Beds that will change the medical system and do away with the totally corrupt pharmaceutical industry. Life is about to change; however, it won’t change overnight. It always takes time; Mother Nature is in charge, and she moves slowly.

Here’s a very short video (no sound) showing the Med Bed concept.

The world is about to change. This is the “Fourth Turning,” the major revolution that Dr. Wheeler wrote about after a life of study of climate and associated events. This “turning” — the core of which is the destruction of the Cabal (Illuminati) — has been planned for decades, beginning after the death of John F. Kennedy, the killing of yet another public figure who got in the way of the “moneylenders.”

It may seem like not that much is happening at the moment. But, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ve seen governments fall around the world. Italian leaders have retired, the entire Dutch government resigned, and then Estonia, Kuwait, and Germany. Angela Merkel has all of a sudden stepped down. Well, she’s Hitler’s grandaughter and reportedly about as corrupt as politcians come. The Vatican has been taken down and much of the gold that was kept there has been reclaimed. The Vatican was involved in the US election fraud and is, of course, at the core of the worldwide pedophilia network.

Atrocities always come to the surface just after hot dry periods end. World War II was a hot dry period. The holocaust was unveiled as it turned colder and dryer in the late 1940s. The turn of the English Empire, at the time of Elizabeth I and Shakespeare was another hot/dry cycle top. The Roman Empire was another major 1030 cycle top that literally set the world on a new path and has been written about more than any other historical period. The patterns unfolding today are eerily similar.

Human trafficking is coming to the surface (quite literally, in fact) as we attempt to take down the Cabal and bring women and children back from caves below the surface — caves have been discovered in countries all over the world. What’s been going on is truly horrific, and will all come out shortly.

The truth always comes out at major cycle tops.

The United States is at war for its very existence. So is freedom around the world; most people just don’t know it yet. But, the wheels are turning. You see it in the private sector, as well. Jeff Bezos stepped down this past week, one of the richest people in the world. Hmmm. Many prominent, elitist figures have been dying, or disappearing. Keep your eyes open for more and more of this to happen over the coming weeks. (click to expand the graphic on the left)

Ruben Verastigui was arrested this week for child trafficking, but you won’t find this in the mainstream media … yet. He was the former digital strategist for senate republicans and the Republican National Committee. You’re starting to see arrests happen all over the US almost every day for the same crime. Little by little, it’s happening!

I’ve explained that the city-state of Washington, DC is no longer. The US Corporation is actually in bankruptcy now — you can source out the documents online. Notice that the lights in the White House go out every night at 11pm EST. There’s a large structure being built on White House grounds. What is it? Maybe we’ll find on on March 4.

Here’s a clip from the recent Super Bowl. Notice that the band is from “the Military District of Washington:

Joe Biden and crew, or whoever that is playing the role (I’m hearing it’s Jim Carrey), is putting out “fake” executive orders just about every day, many of them blank sheets of paper, easily seen on video. They’re doing all this out of the Castle Rock Studios, a studio that’s a replica of the White House, used in many movies in the past. However, the wall paper is different, there’s a car park on the lawn, and other inconsistencies that are obvious to the trained eye. I’ve been a writer/producer/director professionally for 45 years, so this aspect of the current “movie” is obvious to me, just as the fact that the inauguration was pre-taped and brutally edited. Here’s a tour of the studio, with insight at to what’s really going on.

We’re living a movie — mostly pre-scripted, a script that’s been developed over the past few decades. Nothing is real. Much of the information out there is a facade, it’s designed to confuse (welcome to the “Art of War”). While I know many more tidbits of information that’s been leaked, I’m going to keep it in reserve for the time-being — it will all be revealed shortly. Most of it, you may not believe at this point, anyway.

Here’s a quick video (no sound) of an actress removing a prothetic mask.


Disguises have been used outside Castle Rock studios, as well.

JFK Jr. had to fake his death to stay alive, others did, too. He had several disguises he wore so that he could stay undercover. The Illuminati have infiltrated entertainment, government, and the courts to an unimaginable level. It’s a battle that’s epic, in every sense of the word.

There will be pain along the way, but once the lie we’ve been living is done, it will be a much better world than you could ever imagine. You’ve been living under a cloud for such a long time, a cloud that is not of your making.

If you’re “awake” to what’s really going on, it’s an exciting time to be alive. The old world is dying; a new world is being born.

The Stolen Election

Here’s a video that takes you all through the facts and figures relating to the stealing of the US election. There are still several law suits at the Supreme Count that are going to be heard during February. There are also state legislatures working on flipping their electors based on the new information coming out.

Clapper Interogation

Here’s a video of the interrogation of James Clapper, who ended throwing just about everybody under the bus. There are some very high profile arrests still to come.

What the English Empire Cycle Predicts For Today

We’re currently at a one thousand year climate cycle high. The well-being of a civilization depends upon a positive climate that provides an abundance of food. Throughout history, when the climate turns colder and dryer, the empire of the day starts to decline in importance.

This English Empire (in the last 1500s) was at the top of a smaller 172 year cycle. The traits of cycle tops are the same; however, the magnitude of the changes at the current cycle top (172 X 6) is several magnitudes greater. You can predict the future to a great degree, based upon the past. That’s the importance of understanding cycles.

We’re Reliving the Past in Cycles: History Repeats

We're Reliving the Past in Cycles: History Repeats

Social mood follows climate temperature and has throughout the ages, as various degrees of climate cycles play out. I believe it’s actually electromagnetic waves that influence mood and it’s most obvious in the stock market. There are many who will play the market based upon the movement of the planets, which is where our climate comes from, and is also the main culprit in our biorhythms (and much, much more).

This video focuses in on a 172 year cycle top in England through the 16th and 17th centuries to give you an idea of what to expect as this much larger cycle top today (the 1030 year cycle) moves us from warm-dry climate to cold-dry climate.

Here’s a summary from the video of the patterns chronologically (some elements do not always follow the same order, but usually, they’re all there to some degree) that take us from tyranny and corruption through to more democracy and freedom.

  1. High government debt (and high inflation)
  2. Palace intrigue, treason, tyranny, socialistic tendencies, at the very least
  3. Gradual loss of freedom of speech
  4. Turns colder and dryer (there is usually a four year (roughly) period of extreme weather accompanied by major flooding, which destroys farmland, and results in famine
  5. Poor to incompetent leaders
  6. Civil war and revolution
  7. Financial depression (stock market crash) and deflation
  8. Move to more democracy (Bill of rights, etc.)
  9. New financial system

As I mentioned, they tend to unfold more or less in the above order, but the order can change, with lots of overlapping.

Tops of Warm-Dry Cycles As They Turn Colder and Dryer

The very tops of 1000 year cycles are dry and hot. They gradually turn down into a winter cycle (cold and dry), a cycle that should last several hundred years. You can go back in history to similar cycle tops and analyze the economic and social pattern that unfolded then, using it as a guide for a similar cycle top hundreds of years later. History repeats and it does so with what we call periodicity.

In England in the 1500s, there were several forces opposing each other. The rulers of the day tended to move back and forth in their support for the different forces (for example, Roman Catholicism vs. Protestantism).

Henry VIII  (1508-1547): his reign was in a dry-cool period and it was quite tumultuous. He broke with the Catholic Church (and the Pope) due to wanting a marriage annulled. Thomas Cromwell was instrumental in setting up the Church of England and making Henry the head of the church.

Edward VI (1547-1553): only reigned in his teens, but followed his father’s (Henry) footsteps — was a Protestant.

Lady Jane Grey (9 days in 1553): never actually gained power. Mary eventually had her executed.

Mary I (1553-1558): was a Catholic and attempted to reverse much of Edward’s progress with the church, but was opposed by parliament. Burned almost 300 heretics at the stake.

Elizabeth I (1558-1603): Last of House of Tudor. She was Protestant but was tolerant of Roman Catholics. She reversed the changes in religion made by her half-sister, Mary. Brought some stability to government. Ending up executing Mary, Queen of Scots, who a threat to the throne (would have been next in line), and this made James, Mary’s son the next in line.

James I (1603-1625): First of House of Stuart. He authored the King James version of the Bible, translating it from Latin to English. This helped strengthen the Church of England.

Charles I (1625-1649): Son of James I. He fought with parliament as a tyrannical absolute monarch. He married a Roman Catholic and started the English Civil War against parliament. When he lost to Oliver Cromwell, he was executed. The monarchy was abolished and a constitutional republic established (democracy).

Oliver Cromwell (1653-1658): Became Lord Protector, a virtual dictator. He was a Puritan, but tolerant towards Protestants. A very controversial figure. After he died, a coup brought Charles II to power.

Charles II (1660-1685): Son of Charles I.  Known as Merry Monarch, had 12 kids out of wedlock. He favoured religious tolerance. He dissolved the English parliament and ruled alone until his death.

James II (1685-1688): He was Catholic, and is known for struggles over religious tolerance. He considered himself all-powerful over Parliament, which eventually led to his deposition. He went into exile.

William of Orange (and Mary) (1689-1672): The Glorious Revolution. He was a staunch Protestant and was asked to take over the monarchy.

The Cycle of Tyranny

Dr. Wheeler writes about the transition at the tops of these warm-wet cycles into the cold dry cycles that lead to civil war. That’s the transition we’re in right now:

The Path from Warm to Cold
“As the warm–wet phase terminates, climate becomes drier and hotter. As it does, other phenomena manifest themselves: creativity declines; reaction and decadence set in; governments become despotic; minorities are persecuted; general health declines along with the birth rate; economic systems collapse; socialistic and communistic regimes rise under an epidemic of dictators; individual freedoms vanish; and the moral tone of society reaches a low level. Toward the end of this period comes another series of wars we call nation-falling wars because many of the governments initiating them during this period are either tottering or about to collapse internally. These particularly savage conflicts occur on a falling temperature and a rising rainfall curve.

The next climatic phase is the transition back to cold-wet. As soon as this happens, reinvigorated populations rise up in rebellion against the excesses committed during the hot-drought phase just past. Civil wars break out and the cold pattern of behavior that we have already summarized returns with its emphasis on democracy.”

Dr. Wheeler and his team examined the human behaviour patterns that were prevalent during several hot-drought phases of past one hundred year cycles:

“In each example we found a consistent pattern of reaction, totalitarianism, and decadence. Each time, there was an epidemic of cruel despots, persecutions, massacres, and degenerate wars.”

They completed a similar review of the behaviour patterns in several of history’s cold periods:

”We consistently found that cold periods are characterized by civil wars, riots, rebellions, revolutions, democratic reforms, and the extension of the franchise.” [the right to vote in public elections]

“In his ignorance, greed, and intemperance, man has continually gone from one extreme to the other. He has moved toward anarchy, exploitation of the underprivileged, unfair competition, and weakened government during cold times; toward excessive regimentation, reaction, persecution, communism, fascism, fanaticism, and the crushing of freedom and individual initiative during warm times.”


Know the Past. See the Future

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  • Gerry Marie February 15, 2021, 1:09 pm

    Several basic questions:
    1) Do you know if nesara/gesara (not sure which applies to Canada) will change our current currency or only the banking system only?
    2) I have an impression from other sources that the conversion to the new system should be relatively painless. I am uncertain about how cash kept in locations other than the chartered banks and ATB would be converted. In your view what would be the risks of storing any type of valuables such as maybe jewellery and/or cash in a safety deposit box at the bank? Is it possible that in the event of failure, access may be denied?
    3) Another option I have heard is keeping cash and other assets ‘in sight’, so perhaps you have some helpful tips/suggestions on the acquisition of a small home safe. I am thinking this would apply more to the economic cycles to come over the next 5ish years than to the conversion to gesara/nesara which sounds like it maybe upon us very soon?
    4) CDIC would have application?

    Great Information, Thank you!

    • peter February 15, 2021, 1:40 pm

      Hi Gerry,
      NESARA is national (in the US) and GESARA is global. NESARA is supposed to happen first and then they’ll roll out GESARA worldwide. There’s no need for the currency to change physically, but it will change in value, as the plan is to lock it to the gold standard. No more fiat (floating) money.

      The changeover might be painless, but the effect on the economy will not be. In terms of safety deposit boxes, I have a lot more confidence in ABT than the major banks, but these are physical storage boxes, so by and large, I would expect them to be safe (in Canada, at least). I’ll be doing a write up on NESARA this week. I won’t be able to answer all questions, but I should be able to cover the basics.

      Yes, there are two major elements to this change. They call this the quantum system, but I don’t know how it works yet, and I don’t think anyone else does, either at this point. The change over to the system in terms of what you have in the bank is apparently supposed to seamless. However, that’s about as much information as there is out there. The second part of this is the valuation of money, which I expect to go up (deflationary). The value will cause asset prices to drop dramatically. However, since debt disappears, this could be deemed to be less traumatic then it otherwise would be.

      The second part is the fallout from the revaluation of money. Removal of debt pretty much puts an end to the current banking system, which makes its money from interest on debt. So I don’t know what the plan is here going forward. It’s not a good outlook for commercial banks, so the government will need to change the banking system. I don’t know how that’s going to work at the moment. I’m expecting a market crash within a year and a depression. However, if the government steps in and supports the downturn with additional cash, then to the average person, it may be less traumatic.

      CDIC and FCIC are essentially bankrupt, so I don’t think that’s a factor. There is no way they have money to cover all deposits. Reportedly, they have less than 1% of what they’d need.

      This is such a dramatic change to the entire system, nobody knows what will happen, but governments typically don’t think things through (example was 1974 when the dollar was delinked from gold) — it resulted in very high interest rates and people selling homes for a buck. The best I can do is think through the options, which is what I’m attempting to work on.

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