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The Market Edge

The Market Edge

Audience: Traders and avid investors who want to have more certainty in trading or investing in the market.

Time Investment: Half day event. Coaching is also available on a per-person or group basis.

We are currently in one of the most volatile markets in history, a period similar to 1929 through 1937 when vast fortunes were made by people who understood how the markets moved and how to take advantage of it.

Markets move in a very predictable pattern; they move in cycles. We’ve known this for over a hundred years.

In the 1930s Ralph Nelson Elliott discovered the recurring patterns in the market and developed the Elliott Wave Theory. He showed that the markets move in predictable patterns that repeat over and over again. Combining the Elliott Principle with other cycles information can make you a much more profitable market trader. Understanding the basics will make you a more successful investor.

The program teaches the basics of cycles and Elliott Wave Theory to bring you give you a forecast of the markets that can be used in everything from predicting ups and down the economy to understanding where and when to invest your hard-earned money.

Topics Covered:

  • Market overview: Equities, currencies, oil, gas, gold
  • Market projection—next five years
  • Elliott wave trading and strategies
  • Cycles trading strategies
  • Alternative trading strategies
  • Review of current software solutions and services


Participants will come away with a stronger basis for making more informed decisions on trading or investing in the market, based upon the most advanced technical analysis information available.