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A New Golden Age is Coming!

Thrive Academy LogoMany would say we’re in uncertain times. We are in terms of individual events, but the bigger picture is fairly clear, if you understand cycles. The human race has been through this particular cycle many, many times before. We’re like hamsters in a gigantic financial wheel. And we never seem to learn from our mistakes; we don’t pay attention to history. It’s unfortunate, because history repeats.

What you’re seeing playing out in countries around the world today is very similar to what happened 1,030 years ago, at the top of the Roman Empire. It also played out at the top of the Elizabethan Empire in the late 1500s. To a lesser degree, the same influences were apparent on a smaller scale, 172 years ago; there are  eight 172 year cycles in every 1,030 year cycle. Cycles, of course, come from the solar system, just like our weather.

These are the traits of top of this cycle as we head into the 500 year cold-dry cycle:

  • Authoritarianism, govt. debt, tyranny, socialism
  • Riots, class struggle, poor vs. rich
  • Civil war, revolution, class struggles,
  • Migration (urban to rural)
  • Major stock market crash
  • Destruction and re-birth of the economic system
  • Food shortages and starvation
  • Pandemics
  • Weak leaders, corruption, palace intrigue
  • Lower birth rate, fear

Any of this sound familiar? If so, we’re just in the early stages.

The last major cycle turn of this magnitude ended the feudal system. Our current debt-based system is on its last legs as there is more debt in the world now than at any time in human history.

These cycles are longer than a human life, and so we have no personal experience to guide us. We need to pay attention and learn from the past as well as understand how it repeats on a regular basis and in a timeframe that’s predictable.

If you want to know the future, study the past.

In other words:

What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.
Ecclesiastes 1:9

History rhymes. Events in these cycles are never exactly the same twice, but the cycles are readily apparent and predictable. They affect climate, the economy, health, social mood worldwide, politics, and government. At certain times, these changes can be profound, changing lives. We’re going through one of these periods now—it will end in revolution, leading to a better and more democratic world. But there can be a lot of pain along the way, if you’re not prepared..

Those few who have a clear vision of what’s actually taking place and can gauge the effect on society well ahead of time come out on top. This has happened time and again—throughout history.

The biggest lesson from history is that 99% of us pay absolutely no attention to it. Those that do and understand the ramifications of these periodic changes, THRIVE!

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We can take cyclical trends from the past and overprint them to today’s business environment. This knowledge gives you the certainty to make game-changing decisions when others only scratch their heads. It puts you way ahead of “the herd.”

Imagine knowing the market and business trends well ahead of time, whether the economy is going to contract or expand, or what industries are going to be hot (on not) for the next few decades …

Those who were aware of the coming stock market crash in 1929 sparked a new generation of wealth, while those who paid little attention lost everything.

We’re on the verge of another major stock market crash, which is, without any doubt, going to change our way of life forever. You can come out on top and thrive, or you can let these forces of nature destroy everything you’ve worked for. Understanding the past and how it returns to impact the present, will give you the foreknowledge to anticipate changes in things like real estate prices, the stock market, the value of money, whether to rent or buy, how to be prepared in times of turmoil, and how to take maximum advantage of “the good times!”

The Result: Prosperity in Any Economy


Thrive Academy
Audience: Anyone who is concerned about the current economic environment and the potential effect on personal wealth.
Audience: Anyone who is concerned about the current economic environment and the potential effect on personal wealth.
Audience: Entrepreneurs who are concerned about the economic environment and want strategies for taking advantage of “uncertain” times