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Booking Peter

You can contact Peter by going to his Contact page and using any one of the means there to get in contact.

There are a number of ways Peter shares his information on how to Master the Edge:


Keynote presentations are typically one hour in length. They can include a question and answer session, or not (your choice). This works better for smaller groups than large, of course. While there is one keynote listed, the structure consists of a series of modules and can be custom-designed for the interests, concerns, and perspective of your group.

There are also shorter keynote versions for non-profit groups, such as Rotary clubs.

Workshops or Break-out Sessions

Workshops can be organized to include an informal presentation of the key concepts presented in the keynote sessions. This provides an overview and background for the challenges facing the business environment and individuals today. Workshops are based on the core SWOT exercise, which consists of identifying your strength and weaknesses in terms of the external threats and developing strategies to counter the weaknesses and take advantage of opportunities.


Coaching can consist of any length of one hour or half hour sessions and can be delivered in person, through audio or video software, or telephone. A program is typically designed ahead-of-time to fit your specific needs.


Consulting for business is highly flexible. It can consist of facilitating a board session in a SWOT exercise to providing advice on changes in the marketplace and just about everything in between. These are typically custom-developed services and may be single sessions or an ongoing series of sessions.

Upcoming Book

Peter is working on a book on deflation and how to profit from it. It should be finished in early 2016. The working title is: “Found Money: How to Profit from Deflation.”

Online videos

You’ll find online videos on my youtube channel.