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Peter Temple is the master of his craft.
In this guidebook and video series he shares some of the best advice from his ___ years of experience and broken it down into bite-size practical tips that are relevant and to the point.
Priceless! Time is money and when I can view any one of Peter’s videos in under 2 minutes, I’m sold. When I ‘m creating or refreshing a presentation, Peter’s tips are one of my go-to resources.
Thanks Peter!

Sam Rafoss
Calgary, Alberta

I absolutely love Peter Temple’s Persuasive Presentation video series.
I have been speaking professionally for over 20 years, but love to continue
to improve how I can genuinely reach and connect with my audience.
I really like the short video format, I can watch 2 or 3 at a time, get amazing
value and remember everything I learned because it’s not a long drawn out
If you are a seasoned speaker or new to the world of speaking I highly recommend
investing in Peter’s program.

Susie Garcia, RDN
Award Winning Registered Dietitian Nutritionist,
#1 International Best Seller, Motivational Speaker
San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for taking the time
last Saturday to join our team at our Fast Track lunch.

Your advice has allowed me to bring some clarity to a couple of lunch
presentations I am scheduled to make in February. The material you gave
us, particularly the Objective Template, crystallized my objective and
will help me present a more impactful presentation.

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and experience. I greatly
appreciate it.


From the time you started speaking I was enthralled by what you had to say, and I probably could have listened for a lot longer than the time that was given. Thank you so much for the information given, It will not go to waste. I also enjoyed the couple of mini story’s you told us. I will be taking your online course and if the opportunity arises for me to hear you speak again I will not pass it up.

Ian Wollbaum

These testimonials come from a mix of speaking, consulting, and coaching.
“During the past ten years, as President of a national directory company, I have been required to deliver keynote speeches and presentations for a wide variety of internal and external events from coast to coast.  Peter has been instrumental in helping me structure, write and strategically position multimedia enhanced “performances” that have delivered in extremely effective results. I have personally received many compliments from managers, staff and external professionals across the country.  Many of the events required unrealistic deadlines that were absolutely critical that they be met.  I could always count on Peter to come through successfully and deliver above and beyond my expectations.”
Todd Millar
Superpages Canada
“I just wanted to write and tell you once again, what a fabulous job you did on the video and telling Axia’s story.  Ours is a complicated one and you really nailed it.  I’ve had nothing but very positive feedback from everyone who has seen it.  Art and Murray are both pleased. I’ve already had 2 requests to show it to outside people.  It was great working with you.  We will have to think up another project.”
Dawn Tinling
VP, Investor Relations and Communications
Axia NetMedia Corporation
“Thank you so much for your coaching today. It would be incorrect to say my experience with you is only eye-opening. It is more enlightening in the sense that you guided me making a paradigm shift in THINKING. Constantly thinking every moment from customer’s perspective. While that that sounds simple, it’s not, and it’s critical to our success. I can still recall the huge frustration and confusion before I walked into your door, but I felt complete confident, energetic, and up-lifted after our conversation. What an amazing experience! Thanks again!!!”
Rui Wang
Alfadata Technologies Corporation
“Peter…you are a miracle worker!!

Just wrapped up the awards show and wanted to thank you again for the great job. Many compliments and I saw a woman at my table wipe away tears after hearing Travis’ story. You truly made it impactful and meaningful to our employees.”

Amanda Condie
Manager, Mktg, and Communications
Fluor Canada
“I wanted to express our sincere thanks again on behalf of the entire Toronto CAPS Chapter for an exceptional event. Your ability to engage and challenge the audience was a testimony to the absolutely top-quality thinking that you shared. It was an honour to have you as our guest — the rave reviews are well deserved.”
Bill Hogg
Bill Hogg & Associates
“He was very enthusiastic and engaging. I would love to have him back at similar sessions in the future.”
Erin Langill
President, Commerce Undergraduate Society
Haskayne School of Business, U of Calgary
“All of the suggestions were ideas that we could use. They were general enough that to apply to me – but specific enough that we all got the same point.”
Glenda Boc
Strathmore Continuing Care
“The exercise at the beginning to establish what the audience wants to learn was designed as “What are your biggest challenges?” Peter is an excellent example of a ‘Powerful PowerPoint presenter.’”
Jan Kautz
Education Coordinator
Calgary Health Region
“If only there was a course at Haskayne that teaches information this well!”
Krishan Kavshal
Haskayne School of Business
University of Calgary
“This was a very dynamic presentation. I enjoyed it very much. (It could be a little longer!)”
Gerry Laine
CHR, Claresholm, Alberta
“The master has spoken! Excellent presenter – learning at the master level.”
Roz Kapala
Education Coordinator, Claresholm
“I just want to tell you that your presentation at the CAPS National Convention in Toronto was absolutely, in my opinion, the most valuable part of the entire conference. It justified the whole three days, plus travel, plus coming back. It was a very nicely structured presentation – you gave us a step-by-step guide – you showed us how to do it and by doing that, you inspired me. As a matter of fact, I ran back to Calgary, ordered the equipment that you recommended, and we spent 3 days in Dallas this week using everything you provided. In many ways, how can I describe you – you’re a master, you’re a maestro, and you’re a virtuoso of video and social media and I thank you so much for that invaluable information and education.”
Brian Lee, CEO and Founder
Custom Learning
“What I appreciated most about Peter’s presentations was that they were content rich and hands on. Peter’s ability to present technical information to a non-technical person was very valuable. I walked away from the program inspired to action, and have now created videos for our book tour, and have been using Peter’s methodology to collect video testimonials.”
Charmaine Hammond
Hammond International Inc.
Author of best selling book, On Toby’s Terms
“Some of the problems I’ve been experiencing have been validated. I’m not going crazy after all! I can apply what I have learned right away to produce more effective workshops.”
Pauline White
Education Consultant, Alberta Health Services, Calgary
“Not just great content but great modeling. Peter, you are very engaging!”
Linda Reinhardt
OE Consultant, CHR, Calgary
“Great session! Lots of valuable information to help me improve existing presentations and things to keep in mind when putting together new material. Katherine Barnet
Education Consultant
Calgary Health Region
“Peter delivers an excellent class. All information shared today was relative and informative and truly came from a place of experience.”
Raelean Hickson
Business Coordinator
Lakeland College
“I love grammar – so does Peter! It’s so important for a polished, professional presentation. Pretty darned good!
Leslie Reid
CHR – Canmore Hospital
“Phenomenal – dynamic speaker that shares a wealth of important and relevant information in a riveting, fast-paced approach.”
Lenora Thorkelton
Peer Support Coordinator, AHS
“Brought out inspiration, fun, excellent background knowledge and his experiences made it fun and kept his audience engaged!”
Anita Horpestad
E-learning &Course Development Coordinator
Lakeland College Emergency Training Centre
“Good messages presented in entertaining fashion. Practices what he preaches.”
Anita Mitzner
Education Consultant
“Very practical information, can use it in my work. Liked the interaction, can always learn from others – we have similar issues.”
Leslie Carnegie
Alberta Health Services, Calgary