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Thrive: August Update

The climate of the earth shifts from warmer to colder periods and back again, frequently in rhythms. History shows that nations are built 00 shifts from cold periods to warm, when the buman energy level temporarily reaches a maximum. Nations crumble on the shift from warm to cold. International wars are mostly warm, civil wars cold. Each phase, warm and cold, begins wet and ends dry. Cold droughts and centers of civil war epochs generally coincide. A major cold drought and civil war period occurs about every 510 years; generally less severe ones every 170 years. There are also shorter rhythms. Seemingly, in 1943, we are near the beginning of a cold period since it has been generally warm for about 45 years. Totalitarianism is typical of lat~ half wann periods; democracy is revived during cold times.

As the warm wet face terminates, climate becomes drier and hotter. As it does, other phenomena manifest themselves: creativity declines; reaction and decadence said in; governments become despotic; minorities are persecuted; General health declines along with the birthrate; economic systems collapse; socialistic and communistic regimes rise under an epidemic of dictators; individual freedoms vanish; and the moral tone of society reaches a low level. Toward the end of this. Comes another series of wars we call nation-falling wars because many of the governments initiating them during this period are either tottering or about to collapse internally. These particularly savage conflicts occur on a falling temperature and a rising rainfall curve.