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The Personal Edge

Audience: Anyone who is concerned about the current economic environment and the potential effect on personal wealth.

Time Investment: Breakout session typically, one to two hours, depending on the size of the audience. This program also forms the basis for consulting work for individuals or small groups.

It is more important than ever before for you to understand the basics of finance and how it affect your long-term goals in terms of personal wealth. We are on the cusp of a major revolution that will have a major impact on people across the globe. If you aren’t prepared and don’t understand the policies of your government, central banks, and the underlying instability of our current financial system, you are at tremendous risk of losing a large amount of your wealth over the next few years.

Topics Covered:

    • Deflation and what it means to you.
    • Debt and how it will hurt you.
    • The world financial situation and how it will affect you personally.
    • Snapshot of national financial health relative to other nations.
    • Currency vs. money (fiat vs. gold) and strategies for protecting your wealth.
    • Projection for the stock market, bonds, and commodities (including currencies).
    • Projections for the economy—short and long term.
    • Investment strategies.
    • Taxes and interest rate projections.
    • Real Estate projections.
    • Cycles and their impact on financial stability.

Depending upon time, a Personal SWOT* exercise may form a part of this session, leading to a personal wealth strategy. will be introduced and related to today’s environment


Participants will have a thorough understanding of the opportunities and threats affecting their current and future well-being and the impending risk to personal financial health . They will come away with a game plan for immediate action in maximizing their future financial status.

*SWOT is a well-known structured planning method the helps identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in any business entity or project. The version we introduce in this session is one focused on personal wealth, health, and well-being.